Certified Scrum Training

Transitioning to Agile and Scrum requires a new mindset and overall cultural adjustments. And like all change, it doesn't come easy. But when teams and organizations fully commit to Scrum, they'll discover a new sense of flexibility, creativity, and inspiration — all of which will lead to greater results.


Training can mean the difference between a team that truly embraces and understands Scrum and one that is just following a management directive. We can help your team effectively make the transition.

As a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Evelyn uses accelerated learning techniques like Training From The Back Of The Room to teach the course content in brain-friendly ways that help you maximize learning experience and information retention. As a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) with over twenty years of product development experience, and solid hands-on experience as the head agile coach of Ericsson, Evelyn brings in years of coaching experience to the class, which helps the session to be more beneficial and practical. Her training is well known as "two days of fantastic learning and great fun!"

We offer a multitude of different trainings for newcomers to Scrum or advanced practionners!